Our Mission Statement

The Stratford Veterans Museum has the mission of honoring veterans from Stratford who have served our country honorably in war and in peace and to act as a repository for their stories. The museum will be geared to accommodate school children to foster their appreciation of United States history and the sacrifices of those men and woman who made our country possible. A major goal of the committee is to make the Stratford Veterans Museum a site for school field trips. 

  • The Stratford Veterans Museum is in the process of collecting information on our town’s veterans (any man or woman who served in the Armed Forces, was honorably discharged, and are (or were) residents of Stratford, CT.
  • We are interviewing our town’s veterans (and their relatives) to get their stories. If you would like to schedule an interview please email [email protected]
  • Visit this website frequently for information about the museum, our latest news, the stories of our veterans, details on items in the collection and a virtual tour of the facility.
  • Check us out on Facebook.
  • We are also looking for artifacts to add to our collection (both physical and online) to help us tell our veterans stories. Photos, drawings, letters, journals are welcome. We will also selectively collect items such as uniforms, insignia, patches, medals and other items. If you have items you’d like to loan or donate, please contact us at [email protected] or at [email protected] 
  • A major goal of the museum is to make young students aware of the history of their country, their town and the service of the men and women of the Armed Forces. To help accomplish this, the museum will also house interactive displays that will allow younger students the opportunity for hands on learning.

Watch this video to learn more about the Stratford  Veterans Museum. 



Bob Mastroni, Chairman
George Grom, Vice Chairman
Bill O'Brien, Treasurer
Gail Voytek, Secretary

Chuck Lindberg
Larry Ciccarelli
Jim Feehan
Roy Friedman
Bob Goetz
George Hangos
Ed Roberts
Randy Weaver

Tish Morrissey

Jim Ortoli

Tony Palumbo